RAY the Buffalo


RAY the Buffalo is an American Buffalo, also called the American bison. RAY enjoys living in the park, and you can find him having an adventure on almost any day. RAY meets other animals and birds in the park, where he becomes friends with EMILY the Eagle who becomes a wonderful friend to RAY where she encourages him on ways to get up and MOVE more and how he can stay healthy.

RAY will take you on many adventures with his friends as he journeys in the park, as well as other places he will travel in other RAY the Buffalo books to come.

EMILY the Eagle



EMILY the Eagle is a wonderful friend to RAY the buffalo. She encourages him and shows him how to get moving. EMILY and RAY will have many adventures in the park, as well as other places they will travel along the many journeys to be shared through their friendship in the other RAY the Buffalo books to come.


EMILY the Eagle was named in honor of 2nd Lieutenant  Emily J.T. Perez, US Army (Class of 2005), a resident of Ft. Washington, MD.

Emily J.T. Perez was the first female Minority Cadet Command Sergeant Major in the history of the United States Military Academy. What a wonderful role model for both boys and girls!

Emily J.T. Perez [February 19, 1983 - September 12, 2006 - age 23]; parents, Daniel and Vicki Perez of Fort Washington. To learn more about Emily J.T. Perez, please visit Emily's Way.


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